Top ranking Canadians

21 February 1997

Top ranking Canadians

STARTMORE Rudolph and three other Aerostar sons maintain the top positions in the latest Canadian lifetime profitability (LPI) rankings.

This evaluation marks the first of Canadas updated, quarterly sire evaluations which include the calculation of type proofs on a rolling base. Conformation scores are, as a result, reduced by an average of 1.36 points for all bulls.

Star performer, in lifetime profitability and total economic value, is the Aerostar son Startmore Rudolph who has maintained his July score of +15 for overall type despite the rolling base change. His converted production figures show 986kg milk, 24kg fat and 29kg protein.

Moving 10 places into second position is the Aerostar son Maughlin Storm. With the joint highest conformation score in the list of +16, including +15 for mammary system, -12 for fore udder and +14 for rear udder, he boasts 909kg milk, at 28kg fat and 24kg protein.

Close behind are two more Aerostar sons Oliveholme Aeroline (981kg milk, 25kg fat and 27kg protein) and Meadow Bridge Megabuck (91036kg milk, 22kg fat and 27kg protein). Not only has Aerostar sired the four highest ranked bulls, but his sons dominate the rankings.

Highest newcomer is the Leadman son Lehoux Boldman.n

Daughter of Startmore Rudolph, the top Canadian sire.

Top 5 sires ranked by Canadian lifetime profitability index (LPI), Feb 97



Startmore Rudolph2160+15835

Maughlin Storm1959+16715

Oliveholme Aeroline1933+11731

Meadow Bridge Megabuck1876+8710

Madawaska Aerostar1831+5641

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