Top udder score sire straws now in UK

7 September 2001


Polytunnel doubles space in hen house

PATCHETTS mobile hen house is now available with a polytunnel extension which will be of particular interest to organic egg producers, says the company.

The tunnel doubles the floor space for birds, allowing organic farms to meet the Soil Associations stipulated stocking rate of six birds/sq m at minimal cost, it adds.

The standard house is designed and equipped with feeder, nests and drinkers to house 600 birds at a stocking rate of 12 birds/sq m. The tunnel is said to allow producers to keep the same number of birds, while meeting organic regulations.

At 7.7m (25ft) long and 6.4m (21ft) wide, the tunnel fits flush with the house and is mounted on a tubular steel skid for easy relocation.

It has a door and two pop-holes in the gable end and at night, when the pop-holes are closed, birds are free to wander between the tunnel and house, explains the company.

The tunnel costs £1160 fitted (01274-882333, fax 01274-816362).

Slurry test will lift soil organic levels

SLURRY, manure and additional forage analyses to give producers essential information for the successful management of pasture and stock have been launched by Ultimate Plus.

Analysis of manure and slurry nutrient contents will help improve organic levels within the soil and reduce fertiliser costs, says the company.

A test for iodine has been added to the original forage mineral analysis at no extra charge. The number of elements tested through Ultimate Plus is now 15, which is said to be the most comprehensive analysis available.

The company is also offering a nutrition service which provides detailed information for the planning and balancing of autumn and winter rations. This is based on silages and fresh grass analysis.

The manure analysis costs £50 and the forage analysis £25. Kits for taking on-farm samples are available free (01636-636019, fax 01636-636017).

Top udder score sire straws now in UK

THE only sire in the world to rate more than three points on udder composite score in the US and the UK is now available here, says Genus.

Dellka Juror Gordon is a Juror x Thor and is said to provide a valuable outcross on Starbuck and Cleitus lines.

At 2.6 type merit and over two points on body, Gordon is able to add strength and improve overall type, advises the company (see daughter pictured).

He offers 455kg of milk, 9.5kg of fat, 12.1kg of protein with £39 PLI and £27 PIN.

Gordon straws are available at £22 each (0870-1622000, fax 01270-217777).

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