Tractor logo gears up for appearance on chip packaging

28 June 2002

Tractor logo gears up for appearance on chip packaging

THE little red tractor logo will make an appearance on oven-ready chips in the near future, the NFU has revealed.

An agreement has been reached to use the British Farm Standard on processed potatoes. An announcement is expected at the Royal Show on July 1-4.

Jonathan Tipples, NFU director on the Assured Food Standards board, also told NFU council on Thursday (Jun 20) that he hoped soon to be able to make an announcement about the red tractor appearing on bread.

"I hope we have cracked the problem of getting it onto cereal-based products," he said.

Technical reasons

The difficulty in the past has been that millers use some imported wheat in their grists for technical reasons.

Mr Tipples said the possibility of extending the logo to sugarbeet was also being discussed, as was its extension to composite foods such as pork and leek sausages.

Council member Richard Haddock told the meeting he was pushing on with plans to get the logo on products from small and medium-sized slaughterhouses.

Two abattoirs have volunteered to take part in a trial which should end up with meat sold at farmers markets carrying the standard. &#42

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