Truly tankful when adding additives

7 March 1997

Truly tankful when adding additives

THE 400-litre (88gal) silage additive tank and applicator from Biotal promises to halve downtime and maintain a high degree of accuracy.

The tank, twice as large as conventional 200-litre (44gal) tanks, will allow a larger volume to be treated before re-filling, while an electronic control unit on the applicator ensures a high degree of accuracy, says the company.

The applicator uses a self-priming diaphragm pump which can be mounted vertically or horizontally as long as the motor is above, or level with the pump housing, while a twin jet system ensures the spray pattern covers the entire swathe without wastage. Automatic on/off switches are available for balers.

A high volume applicator, suitable for self-propelled machines is also available.

Cost of the applicator is £295, the high volume applicator retailing at £402. Bought with tank, flowmeter and frame the prices are £590 and £695 respectively. (01222-766716)

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