UK pig industrys food safety first

22 December 2000

UK pig industrys food safety first

INCREASING concerns about food safety are to be addressed by a pig marketing group which has begun its own salmonella monitoring and control scheme.

Thames Valley Cambac, which has 60 members producing more than 1m pigs a year, believes this is the first such scheme is Britain.

Denmark and Holland already have salmonella schemes in place, says the groups John Day. "The UK pig industry must be seen to be proactive in this area. This scheme will allow us to react to concerns with factual information."

Salmonella monitoring will be carried out by the Oxon-based Larkmead Vet Group with faecal samples taken regularly from finishing pens on each farm for testing.

Herds with any sign of salmonella will receive advice on prevention and control.

The scheme is partly funded by the MLC, as part of a salmonella monitoring study.

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