Ultra low pressure close to a miracle

10 October 1997

Ultra low pressure close to a miracle

NOT quite capable of walking on water – but pretty close – Timoney Technology has developed its Hydracart Transporter range of ultra low ground pressure vehicles for the peat industry.

The smaller three-wheeled machine uses hydrostatic front wheel drive, powered by a 42hp Lombardini three-cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine. A combination of fixed displacement wheel motor and variable displacement pump enables the three-wheeled transporter to achieve a road speed of 17.4mph (28km/hour).

Load capability extends to a steel tipping body, with a payload of 2000kg.

The larger five-wheeled model is also a hydrostatic machine, but differs by using hydrostatic wheel motors on two of its rear wheels, in addition to the single front wheel.

A rubber track assembly wrapped around each pair of rear wheels avoids the need for additional hydrostatic motors to achieve all-wheel drive, while achieving a ground pressure of about 3psi.

Power for the five-wheeled model is from a 66hp, four-cylinder diesel engine and fitted with a 10cu m capacity cargo box, is able to carry a 3500kg payload.

Prices start at £12,500 for the three-wheeled Hydracart.

Hydrostatic drive for the five-wheeled, ultra low ground pressure Timoney Hydracart, results in a 16.6mph (30km/hour) road speed.

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