Unigate links with green groups

24 September 1998

Unigate links with green groups

By FWi Staff

DAIRY company Unigate is to help farmers respond to consumer and customer demand for protection and enhancement of the countryside.

A new initiative set up with the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) and the Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) scheme will produce guidelines for the efficient dairy production.

The scheme will cover the careful management of forage production, handling and processing of farm wastes, and conservation ideas and techniques.

The schemes guidelines will identify areas for positive action, including environmental features to protect and enhance. These will concentrate on field records, maps and farm plans, said Unigates Robert Pocock.

Richard Knight, FWAG national technical manager said he was eager to expand on FWAGs existing working relationship with livestock farmers.

Caroline Drummond, LEAF project coordinator, said that working in partnership with a dairy company would represent a new and exciting challenge.

Unigate will also extend its existing Superior Stockmanship scheme to cover care for the environment. The stockmanship scheme currently pays bonuses to farmers based on milk quality and animal welfare.

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