Updates and extra power add to Landinis tractor line-up

2 March 2001

Updates and extra power add to Landinis tractor line-up

LANDINIS tractor line-up now benefits from a 180hp version and updates for the existing 120hp, 130hp, 140hp and 160hp models.

The companys Legend range is now powered by six cylinder, turbocharged 1000 series Perkins "green" engines which meet current emission requirements. These engines are claimed to offer high torque back-up and constant power.

A choice of transmissions is also offered – the Techno or the Deltasix. The Techno is a mechanical system offering 18 forward and 18 reverse ratios as standard with the option of a creeper and speedshift bringing the total ratios available in each direction to 72.

The Deltasix transmission has three powershift ratios available for each of its manually selected gears. With its six speed box, range selector and creeper box, operators have 102 forward and 36 reverse ratios to choose from. Discerning readers wondering why there are not 108 forward ratios available will wish to know that Landini blank off the top six ratios to retain a 40kph road speed.

The Deltasix transmission is operated with a button clutch when moving the main gear stick. Two further buttons select the powershift ranges.

Other changes to the Legend range include a new cab complete with air suspension seat, optional air conditioning, and a new four-wheel drive front axle having electrohydraulic engagement, 55í steering angle and oil immersed disc brakes. Options extend to use of pneumatic front suspension. &#42

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