USA to take UK semen

4 July 1997

USA to take UK semen

THE United States is the latest country to resume imports of bovine semen from the UK.

A total of 23 countries are now prepared to buy, but four main customers, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina, are still refusing to accept the World Veterinary Congresss declaration that semen is safe.

"Vets from these countries signed the declaration in Paris in May, but their governments are still resisting," Henry Lewis, MLCs livestock export marketing manager said at the show. "We are working hard to open these markets. Fortunately, our forebears spread British breeds all round the world, and there is strong demand for new genetics."

In contrast to problems with beef cattle, the trade in live breeding sheep and pigs, semen and embryos was booming. Almost 40 countries were buying pig semen from the UK, and more than 70 were taking live pigs.

Semen from more than a dozen UK sheep breeds was being used in New Zealand and the USA, and there was a buoyant trade in sheep and goat semen with another 20 countries. Live breeding sheep and goats were being shipped to 60 countries, and 16 of those were also taking embryos. &#42

Robert Davies

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