Usborne aim

2 May 1997

Usborne aim

to blend to perfection

USBORNE Fertiliser is set to become Britains most technically advanced fertiliser blender, says parent company Usborne plc.

During the summer Usborne Fertilisers dockside facility at Southampton will be expanded and upgraded, with the UKs first Doyle precision tower blending system in place by September.

With an output of up to 120t of fertiliser per hour, each process – blending, weighing, sampling and analysis – is computer controlled and monitored.

The new technology will produce the accurate mixes needed for precise site-specific applications, says Usborne Fertilisers.

"We will be in a position to buy large shipments of raw materials at competitive prices and process them to an extremely high standard suitable for the needs of the UK farmer," says managing director John Ridd.n

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