Video: Farmer forcibly removes car with telehandler

WARNING: Video contains graphic footage which some readers may find disturbing

An angry farmer took drastic action and used a telehandler to remove a wrongly parked car that had been left in front of a gateway on private land.

A video that has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter shows a farmer using a yellow Kramer telescopic loader to pick up and toss the grey Vauxhall saloon car on to its side.

A shirtless man wearing black shorts and boots, who is filming the incident on his mobile phone, kicks the side of the telehandler and encourages the farmer to continue to remove the vehicle – registration NA70 ZWK.

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The car lands in a crumbled heap and its windows smash, leaving a pile of glass in the farm entrance way.

The farmer then uses the machine’s front loader to drag the car into the narrow country lane, leaving it on its roof.

The telehandler driver then suddenly reverses and spins round, knocking the man with the front forks on to the grass verge, next to a dry stone wall. The dazed man gets up and does not appear to be hurt.

The telehandler driver raises the forks and drives back into the farm entrance.

The whole incident, which took place on Saturday (5 June) near Barnard Castle, County Durham, is filmed on a mobile phone by a third, unknown person.

Officers on scene

An extended version of the video on Facebook shows two police officers and a police van at the scene.

Since the video has been published, it has attracted thousands of comments, with some giving their approval, but others saying the farmers went too far.

Some people, who claim to know the farmer, defended the actions, claiming there was a history behind this incident.

One said on Twitter: “A lot more to this story, he’s a friend of a colleague, he’s been driven mad by these lot, starting fires, pushing walls over just to name a few things. Not saying it’s right, but they pushed him to the end of his tether.”

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine shared the video on his Twitter page, remarking: “Driver has blocked farm gate with his car.

“Motorist has smartphone. Farmer has forklift. Who’s gonna win this one?”

Police advice

The Ask the Police website offers advice on the steps to take in order to get a vehicle removed from private land. This includes contacting the council or calling 101 or 999 if the vehicle is in a dangerous condition.

However, the website states: “Under no circumstances would we advocate you merely pushing the vehicle on to a road and leaving it there, as you may commit an offence.”

A spokesman for Durham Constabulary said: “We were alerted to reports of an incident at a farm in the Teesdale area shortly after 5.45pm on 5 June.

“Officers attended the scene and an investigation into the circumstances is ongoing.”

  • Do you know the farmer involved? If so, call Philip Case on 07522 946 089, or email:
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