Virus victims will not lose quota

8 June 2001

Virus victims will not lose quota

By FWi staff

LIVESTOCK farmers who have lost suckler cows as a result of foot-and-mouth will not lose their quota this year, the Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed.

In normal circumstances, producers are required to use 90% of their Suckler Cow Premium (SCP) scheme quota each year or face having it withdrawn.

But the ministry has announced it will take advantage of European rules which allow it to waive the usage rule in “exceptional and duly justified” cases.

The 2001 scheme will open for applications on 1 July and will run through until 6 December.

Late applications can be accepted up to 31 December, although they will be subject to a 1% reduction for each working day the claim is late.

The only other change to the scheme this year is that payments will be subject to modulation.

This means payments will be reduced by 2.5%, with the money saved being used to fund the governments rural development programme.

Farmers who need extra quota to support their claim need to notify MAFF of either a transfer or lease before or on the day they make their claim.

They must also make sure that the ring-fence designation of their quota matches the ring-fence designation of their holding.


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