Weed warning for lo-till high yields

27 September 2001

Weed warning for lo-till high yields

By Louise Impey

MINIMUM tillage establishment systems certainly have the potential to yield more but the price you pay is higher risk, says ag-chem distributor Hutchinson.

“Theres no doubt it increases the risk of grass weeds,” technical manager Dick Neale warned growers at a recent trials open day.

“But if you get good blackgrass control, and establishment conditions are favourable, there will be a yield bonus.”

In the companys trials, min-till plots outyielded ploughed plots by 2t/ha, but only where agronomy, including establishment and blackgrass control, was spot on.

If blackgrass in particular was not controlled properly, min-till suffered a yield penalty of 1.73t/ha.

This year is giving growers an excellent opportunity to go into min-till systems with good seedbeds, notes Mr Neale.

“Provided drilling takes place by the first week in October, there is the potential for some very good yields.

“Sowing in September with lower seed rates gives the chance to increase gross margins by over 5%.”


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