Welsh government allocates £4.6m to flood risk management

The Welsh government has released details of a new £4.6m programme to reduce the risk of flooding around major river catchments.

The Natural Flood Management Accelerator Programme was announced by the Welsh government minister for climate change, Julie James, and minister for rural affairs Lesley Griffifths as part of a government commitment to implement nature-based flood management systems.

The two-year scheme will fund 23 projects across eight different risk management authorities, and is expected to reduce the flood risk to about 2,000 properties.

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Ms James said: “As Wales contends with the growing effects of climate change and the devastation flooding can inflict, the need to reduce risk to communities now and into the future is more apparent.

“Developing and delivering wider nature-based sustainable solutions to reduce flood risk is critical to protecting and enhancing our environment, homes and communities.

“The programme will further expand our commitment to working collaboratively with Welsh farmers, landowners and third-sector organisations across Wales.”

So far, approved projects include plans to plant additional woodland to slow overland flows, cross-slope hedgerows and riparian buffer strips, along with leaky dam construction, and, in some instances, silt traps.

Minister for rural affairs, Lesley Griffiths, added: “With the support of farmers, foresters, land managers and food businesses we can develop the rural economy and our natural environment in a sustainable way.

“This will further enhance our knowledge and experience in delivering co-ordinated collaborative projects within known flood-prone areas. 

“We all recognise the need to be more collaborative in our thinking while exploring and encouraging new ways of working that will deliver at pace and scale.”