Wheat yields almost up to average

16 August 2001

Wheat yields almost up to average

ON Thursday morning (16 August), 9mm of rain fell to stop Ted Shepherd and his brother Mike, from making more progress into wheat.

In the last two days they have started combining Claire and Hereward. 10ha (25 acres) of Hereward has yielded about 9.3t/ha (3.75t/acre). “Its not far off the average. The specific weight is above 80Kg/hl and it dropped from 17% to 14% in two hours in 90F heat. Its the quickest dry I have ever seen on the farm!”

He hopes it shall make milling grade, but he is unsure of the quality after recent rains. Problem with Claire sprouting has been reported in the area, but he believes his crop is OK. There are 194ha (480 acres) of wheat on the farm and he says they should finish at the start of September.

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