Yield rises reward potato SAP tests

31 January 1997

Yield rises reward potato SAP tests

SAP testing potatoes to enable timely correction of nutrient deficiencies has resulted in significant yield increases across a range of varieties, claims Omex Agriculture.

Over six years of testing, 51 crops of Maris Piper had an average 10% yield advantage over crops which were not tested and treated for nutrient lack, it says.

Record, on 41 sites, achieved a 16% yield gain, while 29 sites of Cara produced an 8.5% increase in yield of saleable ware.

Last season, an average 7.5% increase in saleable yield of 18 varieties on 34 sites was made after treatment to correct nutrient deficiencies and imbalances revealed by the tests, according to Omex subsidiary Scientific Agricultural Partnership, which carries out the testing. &#42

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