Young people in farming

7 December 1999

Young people in farming

IT is the end of an era.

Like many others, my brother and I look like
being the first of a family without even the opportunity to go into

My brother is now extremely happy, successful in his job selling
insurance, but while I have been studying a degree in a non-farming area
so that I can be assured of a job at the end of it, the prospect of never
being involved with farming does not bear thinking about.

As many others who have done this have no doubt found, without previous
experience, the chances of work are not great, but I have tried offering to
work for free to gain some sort of useful experience – and even
here I have not been successful.

The hard fact is that farmers today – unlike my father and those before him –
have an impossible job on their hands just trying to make enough money to
maintain a farm and feed their families, leaving no free time or resources
to train and support the next generation of farmers.

Until their
situation eases they can not be expected to help those just starting out.

Therefore I hope things get better for all you guys because in the end,
sad as it is, it comes down to earning money and as much as I want to be
involved with farming, time is running out and I will soon have to start
looking towards jobs where at least I can get experience and go on to earn
a living.

If there are any small farm owners out there, especially in the Oswestry
or Shropshire area who could use a free extra pair of hands for a while
then please let me know.

Otherwise I wish you all good luck for the

  • David Lawson, Oswestry, Shropshire

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