Young versifiers emerge with lots &lots of credit

11 September 1998

Young versifiers emerge with lots &lots of credit

SHORT, sharp verses that are easy to remember is what we invited the under-13s to submit for the Farmlife competition about keeping safe on the farm (Farmlife, Aug 7) .

We received a large number of entries. Obviously lots of children wanted to win one of the 12 JCB skid-steer toys from Ertl/Britains we were offering as prizes for the best entries. Age, originality and the impression that youngsters had really considered farm safety for themselves, were among the things the judges took into account in making their decisions.

The winners were:

Paul Glanvill (12), Woodbury, Exeter; Kellie Kingston (9), Wickwar, Glos; Thomas Miller (6), Kingswood, Bucks; Jonathan Ranjit (6), Ipplepen, Devon; Amy Blackwell (11), East Challow, Oxon; Clare Ragg (9), Trewalder, Cornwall; Jennifer Cartwright (11), Tern Hill, Salop; Mark Nattriss (8), East Lexham, Norfolk; Ashley Kerrindge (10), Battisford, Suffolk; James Gould (11), Rodgrove, Somerset; Julia Krier (12), Cockerham, Lancs; Robert Fleming (9),


Three of the entries are reproduced below.


Dont stand under a trailer that dumps

Cos if it falls on your head youll have bumps

Dont be in the way of spikes

Or ride on the back of quad bikes

As only sheepdogs are allowed to do that.

Thomas Miller (age 6)

Farm Rap

Playing on the farm

Is very unsafe,

You can get hurt

In any place.

Playing round tractors someone

could get hit,

Playing in the barn

and in the slurry pit.

We know its fun,

We know its cool,

But dont do it

cause its a rule.

So stay in the

garden where you

cant get hurt,

And keep away from

the mud and dirt.

Kellie Kingston (age 9)

Keeping safe

Safetys important

On our Dads farm

He checks it daily

So we come to no harm

We stay clear of tractors

Balers and ploughs

And take great care

With calves, bulls and cows

We know that its dangerous

To play with fire

Of telling us that

Mum and Dad never tire

We must wash our hands

We are regularly told

Its our hearts desire

To live to be old

If we ride our bikes

Near the slurry pit

Mum flips her lid

And has a fit

So, we try to remember

While out to play

To follow the safety rules

Throughout the day

Paul Glanvill (age 12)

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