Zeneca to flog off agribusiness?

10 December 1998

Zeneca to flog off agribusiness?

A QUESTIONMARK hangs over the future of Zenecas agribusiness following the announcement of the groups merger with Swedish pharmaceuticals group Astra, reports the Financial Times.

Agribusiness makes up 30% of the Zenecas sales, but only 20% of profits. Since Astra has no agricultural exposure, there is speculation that the agribusiness division would be put up for sale.

Zenecas agribusiness lags behind Novartis of Switzerland and Monsanto of the USA in the size stakes but, with sales of about $3 billion (£1.8bn), it would carry a price tag of $5bn (£3bn).

Zenecas agricultural arm has been slow to move into biotechnology, where Monsanto and Novartis have paid heavily to achieve significant positions.

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