All looks good in Somerset

The corn was ripening fast on Heathfield Manor Farm in Taunton, Somerset, after it had been “stiflingly hot for three days”, Richard Payne said. “Everything is looking good.”

The early wheat was affected by Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, but Mr Payne added that the later-drilled wheat looked good. Claire is the main variety plus some Robigus and Nijinsky.

Overall, Mr Payne said the wheat looked better than last year, “but then you never know until it’s in the barn”.

The winter barley, which he said was sprayed off last week, should be ready by next week, followed shortly by Winner and Harper oilseed rape.

Cooper peas were “just starting to senesce so will be a while”.

Meanwhile, Syncro spring beans and Wizard winter beans were all “well podded and looking good, as long as they stay up”

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