Barley and rapseed yields average, says HGCA

About 40% of winter barley and almost 20% of oilseed rape had been cut by 31 July, according to the latest report by the HGCA.

Harvest started seven to 10 days later than normal, but crops and soils in the south had dried out well in last week’s hot weather.

“Early indications are that UK winter barley yields are close to average at around 6.3t/ha, with improved yields from normal on light land,” said the report.

However, yields varied widely, from 4t to 10t/ha.

“Quality is variable with some low specific weights and high screenings, although nitrogen levels in malting grain are generally within specification.”

Winter barley had averaged 14% moisture, and ranged from 11 to 16%.

Oilseed rape had come off at 5-11% moisture, and averaged 8%.

“Early indications are that UK yields are close to the five-year average at around 3.5t/ha, but this is lower than the record average yield of 3.9t/ha in 2011.”

Yields ranged from 2.5t to 6t/ha, with some small seeds and low oil contents.

The main wheat harvest was expected to begin in the next week, it added.

“Concerns are building over the level of fusarium present in wheat and, to a lesser extent, spring barley and oats.”

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