Barley better than OSR

Winter barley has performed very well this season, according to Douglas Bain of Thistle Agronomy in Angus.

Yields are much better than last year, averaging 8-9.2t/ha (3.25-3.75t/acre), with generally good quality. Most varieties have done well, and he is particularly impressed by Cellar, Sequel and Pearl.

Warm and dry weather during grain filling from mid-June to August has helped yields and bushel weights. “Most crops have provided good bold samples.”

He hopes this success will be reflected in the region’s winter wheat, which he expects many growers to start cutting in a week or so. “I’ll be very disappointed if wheat bushel weights are not high.”

But Mr Bain has been less impressed with oilseed rape in eastern/central Scotland.

“Yield and quality has been very average. We have seen a lot of red seeds in many varieties, but Expert in particular has had a lot.” He believes an extended period of flowering this season could be responsible.

Spring barley combining has been delayed for many growers due to yesterday’s rain and he expects most to start next week (w/c August 15). The biggest concern for spring barley growers this season will be finding a market for the crop with maltsters, he added.

  • Crop/variety: Winter barley

  • Area: N/A

  • Yield: 8-9.2t/ha

  • Quality: Good bushel weights


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