Berwickshire harvest finishes early

Harvest finished in record time on September 2 for Les Anderson in Berwickshire, Scotland. Wheat yields averaged 10.1t/ha on 205ha of Robigus, and he said bushel weights were superb with the highest at 81kg/hl.

By comparison, Optic spring barley had been disappointing, with yields at 5t/ha. He said seedbeds were not 100% and so with 1.6% nitrogen he was getting only £70/tonne.

But Mr Anderson said he “sailed through” harvest with no problems and no breakdowns. Progress is well ahead of last year with all oilseed rape sown and at the two week stage. All first wheats are also in the ground and he is preparing to start planting winter barley.

He suggested most people in the area were seeing similar stories with easy harvest and high yields. Having only had 20mm rainfall in August, there has just been enough moisture for crops, but not too much drying required.

Some spring barley remains to be cut in the area and a small amount of winter wheat, but said the bulk has been done.

  • Crop/Variety: Robigus winter wheat

  • Area: 205ha

  • Yield: 10.1t/ha

  • Quality: Bushel weight 91kg/hl


  • Crop/Variety: Optic spring barley

  • Area: 60ha

  • Yield: 5t/ha

  • Quality: Nitrogen 1.6%


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