Better than average yields in Cambs

Cambridgeshire farmer David Fountain said yields were better than average for his winter wheat. Robigus and Claire yielded 9.25t/ha whereas Solstice on black fenland soil, cut at 8t/ha.

He was very pleased with yields and quality was also very good, he said. Feed wheat bushel weights were mainly 76kg/hl, and Solstice was 79kg/hl.

Mr Fountain said this was “certainly better” than last year, and he finished much earlier after completing harvest this year on August 17.

  • Crop/Variety: Robigus and Claire winter wheat

  • Area: 160ha of wheat in total

  • Yield: 9.25t/ha

  • Quality: 76kg/hl


  • Crop/variety: Solstice wheat on black land

  • Area: 160ha of wheat in total

  • Yield: 8t/ha

  • Quality: 79kg/hl

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