Calculated risk to grain storage

CEREAL GROWERS wanting to assess the risk of grain storage problems in crops entering store can now do so with a new calculator from the Home Grown Cereals Authority.

The ‘Safe Storage Time Calculator’ predicts the risk from mould, germination, insects and mites and gives an estimate of the time in days until these risks become critical.

Growers enter the date, temperature and moisture content of a single sample point as soon as grain goes into store and can then update this to see how the number of safe storage days changes.

“The targets for drying and cooling grain set out in the HGCA Grain Storage Guide are well established but not always easily achieved in practice,” said HGCA’s Roger Williams.

The HGCA recommends grain is initially dried to below 18% moisture to prevent mould and mycotoxin development, then to 14.5% for longer term storage. Grain temperatures should be reduced to 15C within 2-3 weeks, then below 12C within 4 months.

“The calculator will help storekeepers and farmers by showing them just how quickly these targets must be met. Meeting them will ensure that the quality and safety of your grain is preserved,” he added.

Download a copy of the Grain Storage Guide and ‘Safe Storage Time Calculator’ at


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