Cambs Malacca yields disappoint

Wheat yields have been slightly disappointing for Richard Blackhurst, who is over half way through harvest on his 240ha (585 acre) farm near Ramsey in Cambridgeshire.

His first wheat Malacca averaged 8.5t/ha, whereas he had hoped for closer to 9.25-10t/ha. Quality was generally good, with 300+ Hagbergs and 13.8-15% protein, but bushel weights struggled at 73-77kg/hl, he said.

Second wheat Einstein yielded slightly better and is likely to average 8.75-9t/ha, he noted.

With crops coming in at 13% moisture, there is no need for drying and progress is much better than last year, he said.

Mr Blackhurst was pleased with this year’s 70ha of oilseed rape, especially after fitting a top auger to the combine header, which significantly reduced problems with bunching.

The later drilled (September 1-2) Expert and Borneo yielded well at 4.7t/ha, while his Pronto, which was drilled earlier was less impressive at 3.5t/ha.

The main problem he found was a large number of red seeds in the Expert, which he puts down to the crop taking a long time to ripen.

He believes “moisture retention is key” when establishing oilseed rape and uses a double pass with a pigtail cultivator, closely followed by a combination drill.

  • Crop/variety: Malacca winter wheat
  • Area: N/A
  • Yield: 8.5t/ha
  • Quality: Hagberg 300, protein 13.8-15%, Bushel weight 73-77kg/hl


  • Expert, Borneo, Pronto oilseed rape
  • 70ha
  • 4.7-3.5t/ha
  • Large no. of red seeds in Expert


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