Cereals 2007: CabCards could avoid costly mistakes

The Game Conservancy Trust launched CabCards, a web-based system for producing and storing individual field summary cards, at Cereals 2007.

Designed to contain crop production, conservation and environmental protection information, the cards are intended to be used when briefing farm workers or contractors on farm field work, to avoid costly mistakes.

Developed by Phil Jarvis, the trust’s farm manager at Loddington, the portable cards can be taken into the tractor or sprayer cab, so that there is no danger of breaching either cross-compliance or environmental stewardship rules when work is being carried out.

“Many farms are now using contractors,” he points out. “Very often, there are environmental features or bystander issues that mean each field has to be managed uniquely.

“We realised there was a need for a system that could communicate all this important field information. Mistakes, even if they are unintentional, can jeopardise payments and could damage wildlife.”

The system is available on the payment of an annual subscription of £82.50.

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