Cereals 2010: Database to confirm barley ID

A new computer database to help end users confirm the identity of barley grain as been launched by NIAB TAG.

Barley id is an interactive web-based programme which contains the details of grain characteristics of 54 varieties.

The user selects characters they can recognise to focus on the identity of the sample.

The idea is to make identifying samples much quicker and more reliable, said Tony Chapman, technical manager at NIAB TAG.

Speaking at Cereals 2010, Mr Chapman said: “Barley id is a versatile, quick and useful tool for identifying barley samples and for training new staff in identification skills.”

Before a lorry can unload a barley delivery collected from a farm its identity must be confirmed.

However, there is always a risk that wrong varieties can contaminate bulk loads and cause potential losses which could run into thousands of pounds.

Barley id is available under an annual subscription for £275. For more information telephone 01223 342266 or email tony.chapman@niab.com

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