Cereals 2010: Get a peek at the show’s new kit

Cereals 2010 often gives growers their first opportunity to see new machines in the flesh. Peter Hill highlights some of the newcomers


Massey Ferguson 9280 Delta high capacity combine with cylinder threshing and rotary separation.

Abrey’s Biso 12m Ultralight 800 combine table built from cast aluminium sections to create rigid platform with considerable weight saving.

Claas Avero 240 small combine; Tucano 480 cylinder threshing, rotary separation mid-range combine; 12m Vario cutting table for Lexion 600.

John Deere 864 Premium variable chamber baler with tractor-implement automation for easier control.

Kuhn big square baler range is extended to four models with the LSB 870 producing an 80cm x 70cm (2ft x 3ft) bale and operated via Isobus controls.

Techmagri’s Annaburger six-wheel, triple axle grain chaser with 36cu m capacity unloading in about 2.5 minutes at 15cu m per minute.

Boundary maintenance

BomfordBomford Turner introduces improved Intelligent Control for Hawk, Falcon, Buzzard and Heron reach mowers with larger screen, fully proportional action and clearer keypad, and Electric Proportional Control III handset for Kestrel, Hawk and Falcon.

McConnel PA70T linkage- or axle-mounted 7m telescopic reach mower with 65hp hydraulic drive, 1m to 2m flail heads, 1.5m rotary flail or blade cutter, 600mm grip cleaner, reciprocating knife and multi-disc cutters, plus PA6085 and PA6585T with new frames and hidden debris blower.

CTM Harpley’s Energreen self-propelled reach mower with excavating capability, designed principally for waterways embankment maintenance.

Kuhn’s reach mower range is enlarged with the mid-range compact but 5.5m long-reach Poly-Longer with 1.2m flail head.


Agriweld Rhino Cultivation heavy duty subsoiler range complemented by simpler, more affordable models.

Amazone Centaur Super tine and disc cultivator; new generation Cenius Super mulch cultivator; trailed Catros compact disc harrow in 4m to 6m sizes; new 3m KX rotary cultivator with “on-grip” tine configuration for min-till with piggy-back drill.

Cousins PatriotCousins of Emneth adds trailed sizes up to 6.4m to Patriot cultivator range combining soil loosening legs, discs and Razor Ring press.

Dal-Bo adds front-mounted Maxi-Cut chopper-roller to existing trailed versions for tackling vegetable crop and oilseed rape stubble before cultivation.

Gregoire Besson Combimix 2.9m mounted min-till cultivator with tines, two hydraulically adjusted disc rows and packer-press for tractors from 150hp 300hp.

Kuhn EL 282 power tiller comes in 4m and 4.5m widths for tractors from 260hp to 280hp – up from 200hp for earlier EL models.

Lemken extends the 4-6m Karat triple tine row stubble cultivator with a 7m model for bigger outputs.

McConnel extends the Discaerator range with a trailed 4m folding version deploying Shakaerator soil loosening tines ahead of discs and packer.

Quivogne NSL mounted cultivator with two or three rows of leaf spring breakback tines working to 260mm max and using plough points, followed by Quivogne NSLlevel tines and choice of packer.

Simba FlatLiner subsoiler range gets two bigger models – 4.5m for 270-360hp tractors and 6m for 350-450hp, using 550mm ProLift tines and 600mm DD ring press.

Techmagri Uni-Hacke weederTechmagri Uni-hacke tine wheel weeders; full-width or with wheels interspersed by spring tines for row crops.

Väderstad TopDown and Carrier get rubber packer roller option for loose, puffy soil, giving consolidation with less rolling resistance and better surface finish.


Amazone Cirrus Special trailed cultivator drill with new depth limiter disc allowing faster working speeds with less bounce – for more output without compromising depth control and durability; plus production Cayena 6001 with the bigger (3600 litres) seed hopper. Amazone Cirrus

Dale Eco-Drill with adjustable low-draft tine coulter row spacing from 125mm for direct and conventional sowing.

Kuhn adds Quantron S control system to 4m-6m Megant mounted tine coulter pneumatic seed drill providing electronic seed metering for adjustment on the move, pre-metering in corners and on headlands, and early shut-off at row ends.



Pottinger Terrasem

Pöttinger new generation Terrasem trailed drills with disc and levelling tine cultivation elements, Double Disc coulter system, pre-sowing press wheels and Isobus controls.

Väderstad Spirit 600S XL with 160 litres extra hopper capacity, twin distributors for remote half-width shut-off and mechanical shut-off on 4m and 6m standard models plus new packer wheel, in-cab depth control on 6m and 8m Rapid.

Weaving Big Disc twin disc coulter to tackle hard sowing conditions, with parallel linkage mounting for stability at up to 15kph.

Drying and storage

Danagri-3S showing new GSI portable and static dryers with features combined from acquired marques, including colour touch screen control panels giving batch or continuous flow modes regulated by moisture or temperature.

Lishman Barn OwlLishman Barn Owl crop sensing and fan control system becomes available in a wireless version for remote stores, providing crop monitoring with Internet data access and automatic control of most types of crop storage fan.

Fertiliser application

Opico Nitrojet liquid N application system extended to any make of subsoiler or cultivator by skid unit comprising tank, pump, regulator and nozzles.

Techneat oilseed rape liquid fertiliser placement system flexible options for band spraying to the surface for incorporation with seed or sub-surface application to variable depth behind subsoiler leg, both with GPS control option using one receiver and controller for TerraCast seeder and applicator.


Gregoire Besson RW8 mounted plough for 160-340hp tractors in five- and six-furrow sizes plus HRPC7 mounted on-land or in-furrow lightweight plough for tractors from 180hp to 360hp.

Gregoire Besson RW8

Kongskilde’s Overum Vari-Flex EX semi-mounted plough with hydraulically adjustable width in six- to eight-furrow sizes and Xcelsior EX fully-mounted reversible in four- to six-furrow sizes – both designed for tractors up to 300hp.

KongskildePöttinger Servo 25 entry level mounted plough in two- to four-furrow configurations for up to 120hp tractors and Servo 6.50 semi-mounted model for tractors up to 360hp, with six- to nine-furrow sizes.

Materials handling

Alo’s Loader Control System combines new purpose-designed valves, coupling and electro joystick to improve loader control and performance.


Goodyear Optitrac DT818 High Speed traction tyre in 13 sizes for speeds up to 70kph or up to 9.5% increased load capacity than standard DT818 at slower speeds.


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