Colossus comes up trumps

He got 10.1 t/ha (4.09 t/acre) from his Colossus barley on his farm in N Ireland.

“It’s beaten the farm record and I’ve been farming cereals on this farm for 30 years now.

“The weather has been dull damp and soggy,” he said, but despite this moisture content was 17%.

Mr Chambers grows 40 ha (100 acres) of barley, 10 ha (25 acres) of which was Colossus, while the rest was Cannock.

He also said although there were earlier fears of Colossus and its risk to lodging, 40% of the Cannock has in fact lodged while the Colossus is still 98% standing.

Colossus is halfway between a 2 row and a 6 row variety, he said.

However he did have one criticism of Colossus.

“The straw is sappier and greener than conventional straw so I have to wait for it to dry out which could be a problem if it starts to rain.

“I just have to be patient with it, although I would suffer that for 10 t/ha (4.05 t/acre) any day.”

Mr Chambers didn’t differ from the plan given to him by Syngenta seeds and said he’s definitely going to grow Colossus again next year.

“I’ve got my order in with the seed company already!”

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