Delayed by the rain in Essex

He got started by harvesting 10ha (25 acres) of Pict barley last night (Thursday July 16) with a yield of 8 t/ha (3.24 t/acre).

On the farm he grows 400 ha (990 acres) of wheat, 45 ha (110 acres) of barley and oilseed rape.

Harps farm, owned by the Streeters, is a dry farm because it lies on light gravel.

“Because of the light soil we’re normally the first to start harvesting in the area,” said Mr Carter.

Much of the East coast of the UK has been delayed by the rain meaning they are starting their harvest much later than usual.

“Our wheat crop looks good this year, but because of the weather, the wheat and rape crop is very late,” said Mr Carter.

The barley has come off dry parts of the field at a moisture content of about 15% while on other parts the moisture content went up to 20%.

Mr Carter said it was “pretty laid” but added “the crop is not too bad for light land” .

 He added: “Although the barley is late, this year is slightly better than the year before.”