Difficult conditions at Yelvertoft

Ground conditions have been variable in Northamptonshire, where Andrew Fyfe was cutting winter barley until he was rained off yesterday (30 July).

“With a few dry days, it dried up a tremendous amount on our farm, yet when we tried to cut 8ha at my uncle’s the combine sank.”

Unfortunately, Mr Fyfe had only cut a small acreage at Orchard Farm, Yelvertoft, and had much more to do.

“The wet weather has meant some secondary growth has occurred and quality could be affected.”

With 30ha of Cassia under his belt, he anticipated yields currently stood at around 6.25t/ha. “It’s nothing very extraordinary.”

Doubtful he would be able to continue until the end of the week, his concerns lay not only with the grain but with the straw.

“Straw quality will deteriorate from now on, and having as much livestock on the farm as we do, it’s just as important as the grain really.”

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: Cassia
Area:  30ha
Yield: 6.25t/ha

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