Disappointing Welsh oilseed rape

National Farmers Union VP Meurig Raymond was disappointed with 80ha of oilseed rape which yielded 3.75t/ha. With 40ha of Castille, Caracas and Winner remaining, he said: “The crops looked great but then they didn’t yield to potential.”

He said the lack of moisture in June and extreme temperatures in July meant yields were lower than last year.

Winter barley averaged 6.9 – 9.4t/ha, which was about average. He said 2-row Sequel did well, but quality was good for all the feed varieties. “There was plenty of straw which is good because there is a good demand for straw.”

Mr Raymond said harvest was likely to be two weeks ahead of last year, with winter wheat “looking promising but ripening very quickly”. But he doubted he would get a great straw yield from Cocktail malting spring barley.

He added: “Harvest is going reasonably well and the weather is dry. We haven’t had the heat of last week but then we still haven’t had any rain.”

• Crop/ Variety: Sequel, Carat and Colossus winter barley
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 6.9 – 9.4t/ha

• Crop/Variety: Castille, Caracas, Winner oilseed rape
• Area: 80ha of 120ha
• Yield: 3.75t/ha

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