Drought takes its toll on Wilts barley

Maris Otter winter barley will not make malting this year for Roger Moore in Salisbury, Wiltshire. “It only got 60% retention through a 2.5mm sieve, when 75% was needed.

“This is a reflection of the drought and type of land. It’s a small variety and so suffered more.”

The crop yielded 6.3t/ha to 7.5t/ha which was “brilliant for the variety”. The bushel weight of 68kg/hl was also very good, and so Mr Moore was disappointed with the low retention levels. “The total crop was in spec last year.”

But the oilseed rape yield was looking up on last year after 60ha of Castille yielded 4.5t/ha, and the “oil was reasonable, so that’s good”.

Mr Moore predicted the harvest this year to be a mixed bag, with possibly a disaster for the lighter land and spring barley because of the drought.

However his hopes were with Alchemy winter wheat: “It looks an exciting variety – very clean and cheaper to grow.”

  • Crop/Variety: Winter barley/ Maris Otter
  • Area: N/A
  • Yield: 6.3-7.5t/ha
  • Quality: 68kg/hl bushel weight


  • Crop/Variety: Oilseed rape/ Castille
  • Area: 60ha
  • Yield: 4.5t/ha
  • Quality: N/A


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