Early finish near Telford

Bruce Udale has finished cutting winter wheat at Eyton House Farm, Telford, Shropshire, with the good weather helping to make for an easy harvest.

“We’ve wrapped everything up quickly – about a fortnight earlier than usual,” he said. “Drying costs have been low and yields have been above average.”

With 385ha split between Grafton, JB Diego, Humber and Relay, Mr Udale estimated an average yield of 8.6t/ha.

“JB Diego was very good as usual for us, and around the area it still seems to be the basis for most wheat farms.”

Bushel weight was reasonable at around 73-74kg/hl, although Grafton excelled at around 79kg/hl and did very well on the heavier land.

“We’ll definitely be putting in Grafton next year,” said Mr Udale. “It has the ability to take the extra nitrogen, yet doesn’t give us any concern that it will fall over.”

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Humber and Relay were slightly disappointing with low bushel weights, having suffered with disease – particularly septoria.

“We’re now looking at new varieties and have selected Leeds for next year alongside JB Diego and Grafton,” he added. “We’ve kept Relay in reserve if we run low on the other varieties but it’s no longer a first choice.”

With oilseed rape in the ground, Mr Udale expected to be putting in first wheat next week.

“We drilled the oilseed rape on 20 August and it came up well following half an inch of rain three days later,” he said. “Anything that’s gone in this month has dried out and we’re seeing irrigation in many areas.”



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