Early harvest on Lincs/Cambs border

Harvest went well this year for Mark Woodroff at Hundreds Farm on Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border, finishing in early August. “It has been pretty good because we were finished before the rain.”

Yields of Cordiale and Einstein had been good this year, and he was just loading the crop to be sold in order to make room for potato storage. He was pleased bushel weights on Cordiale had been 82kg/hl, and all the crop came in dry.

“We have a big combine so we were able to crack on with the wheat and get the job done quicker than most. Some of the bigger farmers still had over 10% left to do about a week ago.”

Harvest had been very early this year, finishing on August 7. “The crops were ready in July. If it hadn’t been for a few showers in early August, it would have been the earliest harvest in history for us.”

Mr Woodroff combined 80ha (200acres) on his own farm, along with 80ha of Einstein and Solstice on a contract farm, and a further 80ha on a neighbour’s farm in order to help them get crops in before the rain.

“There is still straw on the land now. It is usually chopped up but we decided to bale the straw this year, however, it has not been dry enough to get it in yet.”

He planned to grow 60ha (150acres) of Cordiale and Gatsby next year, dropping Einstein.

He added: “It has been pretty good all in all.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Area: 240ha  in total
• Variety: Cordiale and Einstein
• Yield: N/A
• Quality: Bushel weight 82kg/hl

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