Easy harvest at Corskie Farm

Iain Green has had the easiest harvest in memory at Corskie Farm, Garmouth, Morayshire, having finished almost three weeks ago.

“It wasn’t a bumper harvest, but it was certainly easy,” he said. “We bought a new drier and never had to switch it on, which was a huge saving in drying costs.”

Wheat averaged 9.21t/ha, with the Beluga and Riband performing better than the Viscount, said Mr Green.

Volume, Element, Bamboo and Cassia winter barley averaged 8.14t/ha, while Concerto, Maresi and Moonshine spring barley managed 6.05t/ha.

“On the whole, yields have been about average. It was a bit too dry and hot in the summer for us,” said Mr Green.

“The wettest we cut anything was 19% moisture, and that just went straight off the farm.”

Although most people had finished harvest in the area, some of the upland growers still had patches to cut.

“We’ve had fabulous weather over the past few days – this summer will stick in the mind as one of the best,” he added.

“We’ve got all our winter barley and our winter wheat drilled – it’s just been amazing.”

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Farmers Weekly Awards 2021

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