Essex harvest nearly finished

“We’re more or less finished harvest. Oilseed rape was disappointing, barley was very good and the wheat was at the 10yr average,” said Guy Smith at Wigborowick Farm, Essex.

He said Xi19 was “proven the top dog again” yielding over Solstice and Hereward. Crop quality was good, apart from the odd low bushel weight. Mr Smith was pleased some of the wheat was on contract which gave him a guaranteed premium. He planned to grow mostly the same wheat crops next year.

Eighty-eight hectares of Disco oilseed rape was not pleasing, and he would not grow the variety again. However, he planned to increase the area of oilseed rape next year and possibly grow Astrid and Lioness instead.

None of the crop had to be dried so he said it was the easiest harvest he had ever had, and the earliest he had finished since 1976.”

“I’m pleased the prices are up. I’m a little optimistic about the way forward, and more optimistic than at this time last year. But overall it’s been a pretty average harvest.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Xi19, Solstice, Hereward
• Area: 212ha
• Yield: On 10yr average

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Variety: Disco
• Area: 88ha
• Yield: Disappointing

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