New biological seed dressing to aid rooting and crop growth

A new biological seed treatment, containing a range of amino acids that aims to naturally promote crop growth, is now available to growers for use in all crop types, including organic production.

The seed dressing, AminoA Staart, developed by UK biotechnology company AminoA, helps stimulate root development, increasing the plant’s ability to take up soil nutrients, while increasing the crop’s resistance to environmental stresses.

Through its complex of 18 amino-acids and natural phytohormones, which are fully approved for use in organic systems, the product is designed to have broad-spectrum activity that works on all crops to assist their growth cycles.

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Cereal crops

AminoA managing director Richard Phillips explains that applied at a rate of 3 litres/t in cereals, the seed treatment can increase yields by 5-7%.

“The treatment encourages vigorous root development and growth, while improving the efficiency of other agrochemicals and fertilisers, ultimately increasing yields and improving profits,” explained Mr Phillips.

Compatible with a range of other fungicidal and insecticidal seed dressings, the product’s formulation – which is based on extracts from seaweed – helps increase germination rates and also maximises uptake of available nutrients due to its neutral pH.

Treatment is also said to reduce the phytotoxicity of agrochemicals to help sustain soil ecosystems and promote soil health.

Sugar beet

Fully replicated trials of the new biological seed treatment in sugar beet crops have shown improved yield responses, peaking at 9t/ha.

“Those crops treated had enhanced root systems, which is particularly useful as the majority of beet crops are grown on drought-prone land,” says Mr Phillips.

Driving up yield and creating healthy and more vigorous crops is a priority for beet growers now that neonicotinoid seed treatments have been banned and aphid transmission of virus yellow disease is a major concern.

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