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Rapid emergence of barley is governed by soil temperature and sowing depth, making seedbed condition essential for good establishment. Here you will find out more about establishing your barley crop, how you can improve seed to soil contact and what role seed rate, seedbed fertiliser and consolidation have on your results.

Case studies

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How four arable farmers made their farms more resilient

Tough times are ahead after Brexit and having a more resilient cropping system will be the key to arable farms weathering the storms. Here we take a look at how four…


Variable drilling lifts wheat yield by 1t/ha in Hampshire

Farm manager Craig Livingstone’s investment in mapping the highly variable soils on his Hampshire farm has paid off, after he hit his target yield for winter wheat this harvest despite…


Cover crops help give structure to light Norfolk soils

Richard Cobbald is more than doubling his area of cover crops this summer to put structure and organic matter into his “structureless” Norfolk light blow-away Breckland soils. He aims to…


Why wheat is £10/t cheaper to produce with no-till approach

No-till farmers produce wheat for £10/t less than their conventional counterparts, according to a benchmarking exercise of 12 farms in East Anglia. Accountancy expert Gary Markham says that the combination…


How a Hampshire farmer is managing contrasting soils

Farm manager Craig Livingstone is hoping to push wheat yields up to 10t/ha and beyond by establishing more consistent crops on his wildly contrasting chalk and clay Hampshire soils. He…

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How to grow profitable spring crops and beat blackgrass

Spring cropping has a key role in tackling blackgrass, but which are the best crops for tackling the weed and maximising returns? Four years of trials data have come up…


Tips on selecting the right cultivator for your soils

Farmers often put a huge amount of effort into selecting the right drill to get cereal crops off to the best start in the autumn, but picking the wrong cultivator…


What to consider when changing your establishment system

Farmers looking to change their establishment system are attracted by the promises of improved weed control and cheaper cultivations; however, getting it wrong can prove to be a costly mistake.…


7-step guide to growing quality malting barley

Good price premiums and a desire to control blackgrass is leading to increased interest in malting spring barley, with the UK climate well suited to producing top-notch samples. Here is his…


9 top tips for better cereals establishment

As cereal growers gear up for the autumn drilling campaign, Will Taylor, a consultant and agronomist in the Northallerton office of Strutt & Parker, offers his top tips for crop…


3 farmers share their wheat establishment cost-cutting tips

Establishment is the most important stage of growing profitable cereal crops because getting it wrong can reduce yields before the growing season has even started. However, as financial pressures continue…


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Data reveals how raising crop yields can offset subsidy loss

Any reductions in support payments arising from Brexit can be covered on most UK arable farms by improved crop performance, results from ProCam’s 4Cast service suggest. The higher wheat yields…


Why spring wheat can be more profitable than spring barley

Spring wheat can earn growers more money than spring barley with a potential gross margin of over £800/ha and offer them a competitive crop to counter troublesome grassweeds. According to…


Low BYDV risk this season sends cheer to embattled growers

A lower barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) risk this season could cut cereal establishment costs by eliminating the need for a seed dressing. This could be the silver lining for…


Growers highlight soil and cost advantages of using no-till

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to putting no-tillage cultivation techniques into practice, but there is a basic recipe that everyone can follow. Minimal soil disturbance, diverse rotations and…


Building a case for no-till crop establishment

Whether at grower meetings, hashtagged on your Twitter feed or even featured on BBC’s Countryfile on a Sunday evening, “no-till” enthusiasts are certainly making a lot of noise. Global grain…


Legumes help raise soil productivity

The ideal ley for organic systems would be easy to establish and leave good levels of nitrogen for the next crop to use. Sarah Henly finds out how close we…