Excellent results for Sokrates

FARMERS WEEKLY Farmer Focus writer Richard Ward in Gloucestershire said harvest got off to a “flying start” with his new combine. He was surprised the oilseed rape was ready within a week of swathing, and was cut before barley for the first time ever.

He finished wheat on August 11, compared to September 3 last year, and is very pleased with the results. Some 80ha of Sokrates yielded over 10t/ha, with protein 13.75 – 14.2%, bushel weight 85kg/hl and Hagbergs over 300.

Apart from two fields of second wheat, he said these results were excellent and very good for milling wheat. He said he is very lucky to have finished, with premiums rising from £10/t as most of thee remaining crop will not make milling standards.

He plans to reduce the farm area next year by losing a tenancy farm but retaining the best land.

  • Crop/Variety: Sokrates winter wheat
  • Area: 80ha
  • Yield: 10t/ha
  • Quality: Protein 13.75 – 14.2%, Bushel weight 85kg/hl, Hagbergs 300+

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