Exceptional OSR yields at Boddington Estates

Oilseed rape has excelled at Boddington Estates, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, where estate manager Joe Edwards is combining today (22 July).

“The rain has gone all around us, but we’re in a bit of a rain shadow here and have missed it, so I’ve been combining for the past couple of days. We’re more than halfway through our oilseed rape now.”

Grandia averaged 5.1t/ha (2.1t/acre) over 34ha (84 acres), with one 13ha (32-acre) block reaching 5.4t/ha (2.2t/acre) over a weighbridge at an average of 10% moisture.

“The highest moisture was 12% and the lowest 8.5%. It’s been sprayed off for almost three weeks, so if the sun came out it would be dry.”

PR44W22, planted next to a shooting wood, hadn’t done quite so well, at 4.9t/ha (<2t/acre). “The partridges did their bit to bring the yield down – without that I think it would have averaged 5t/ha (2t/acre).”

Mr Edwards was moving into Dimension oilseed rape this afternoon. “I think it will do even better – it’s looked great all year. We’re on heavy clay here, and I’m really pleased with the rape.”

Winter beans did not look so good, however. “They’re low on pod numbers and the weed control has been difficult.”

Cordiale and Gallant wheat were about a week away from cutting, with Solstice more like two weeks off. “It looks pretty good.”

Crop: Oilseed rape

Variety: Grandia

Area: 34ha (84 acres)

Yield: 5.2t/ha (2.1t/acre)

Variety: PR44W22

Yield: 4.9t/ha (2t/acre)

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