Expert osr does well in Kent

Seventeen milliliters of rain was “fantastic” for Robert Shove in North Kent, with it being “more rain than we’ve had all this year”.

Mr Shove finished 204ha of oilseed rape with yields ranging from 2.8t/ha to 3.7t/ha, the majority being 3.5t/ha which was “average compared to expectations”.

Best results were found from Expert which was “better on the heavier land”, however the “seed was still a little small, but this was just to be expected”.

The crop was very dry, with some coming in at under 4% moisture, Mr Shove said.

He was expecting to start wheat harvest as soon as soon as it stopped raining.

  • Crop/Variety: Oilseed rape/Expert,others

  • Area: 204ha

  • Yield: 2.8-3.7t/ha

  • Quality: 4% moisture

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