Farmer-owned store expands

A FARMER-OWNED grain storage business has announced an expansion to its Warwickshire site.

Arable Crop Storage (ACS) is to expand the capacity of its Atherstone on Stour site by 4,200 tonnes to nearly 28,000 tonnes, ready for this year‘s harvest.

The firm hopes that the increased capacity will allow improved segregation of milling wheat and other quality grains, as well as speeding up intake capacity by around 50%.

As more on-farm storage facilities become outdated or are used for other activities, central storage is an increasingly attractive option, said ACS chairman, Jo Robinson.

“It can help to minimise the farm‘s labour requirement at harvest, reduce the risks associated with drying and storing grain and overcome the increasing issues associated with haulage – in terms of cost and the new Working Time Directive.”

It is hoped that the improvements will be finished by June and will allow ACS to accept new members.