Fazor extends harvest window

THE LIFTING period for carrots and parsnips can be prolonged by 10-14 days by the use of growth suppressants, growers have been told.

Dow AgroSciences has reminded growers that Fazor (maleic hydrazide) has a Specific Off Label Approval (SOLA) for use in carrots and parsnips to suppress re-growth.

This can help maintain flavour and keep processing quality, said the firm‘s Paul Savage.

“Applied to the growing crop in the autumn at 25% leaf senescence, Fazor works by suppressing cell division which stops the development of the whole top growth and external root hairs in the spring,” he explained.

In parsnips Fazor stops woody core and glazing in late lifted crops.

The chemical is also recommended on second earlies and maincrop potatoes as well as bulb onions.

Growers can apply for a certificate to use Fazor in carrots and parsnips via the Pesticides Safety Directorate‘s website www.pesticides.gov.uk.

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