Finishing OSR near Richmond

Phil Dowson is finishing oilseed rape at High House Farm, Richmond, Yorkshire, today (5 August), and is very pleased with yields.

“It was coming off at 9% before the rain, but we’re having to cut it a bit wet today, at 13%, having had rain on Wednesday night and yesterday.”

The Excalibur had averaged 5.2t/ha (2.1t/acre) into the local store, said Mr Dowson. “We’re very chuffed with that.”

With no winter barley, he now had a 10 day break before making a start on winter wheat.

“It looks okay; I don’t think we will break any records, but we haven’t been affected as badly by the drought as some areas.

“My neighbours have had good winter barley yields, so I’m cautiously optimistic about the wheat.”

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Excalibur
Area: 20ha (50 acres)
Yield: 5.2t/ha (2.1t/acre)

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