Flat Wilts Pearl yields well

“Hopefully we will be able to finish today (Tuesday July 20) before the rain.”

Mr Dean was harvesting his Pearl, some of which had been flattened by the high winds.

“The flattened Pearl wasn’t very good but generally yields are good.

“So far we’re doing better than we did last year.”

The Pearl was coming in at 7.41 t/ha (3 t/acre) while the Pict was doing better at 9.27 t/ha (3.75 t/acre).

Due to the dry weather, Mr Dean’s 240ha (600 acre) oilseed rape crop was looking patchy, but recently things have improved.

“Its amazing how it’s evened up so well.”

“Prior to Christmas we were going to rip up half the crop but decided not to in the end.”

“There’s no point in ripping it up if we’re able to get 1 t/acre (2.5t/ha) out of it.”

“However with oilseed rape, you never quite know until you put the combine in.”