Flexible sprout suppressant

POTATO GROWERS can for the first time apply a CIPC formulation in stores as little as two days prior to unloading, following the launch of Luxan‘s Gro-Stop 100 (chlorpropham).

That allows growers to supply an order for either the fresh or processed market at short notice, while maintaining maximum sprouting protection, said the firm‘s Malcolm Nursey.

“Growing conditions this year mean that maturity is not as even as last year and there could be a mixed bag coming into store.

“Vigilance and a good sprout-suppressant programme will therefore be vital to maintain quality.”

Gro-Stop 100 can be re-applied after 28 days, shorter than any other CIPC formulation on the market, giving growers more flexibility, he said.

There is also a new, shorter 12 hour store exclusion period. External ventilation can be resumed after 8 hours, provided the fog has cleared to meet processor requirements, he added.

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