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Get set for spring broad-leaved weed control

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With more cereal crops drilled now compared to 12 months ago, spring spraying workloads look likely to be compressed and getting on top of competitive broad-leaved weeds early should be a priority for growers in the coming weeks.

Cleavers, Cranesbill, Poppy and Fumitory are all weeds that we should try and target early season to reduce the impact of competition with the crop.

Broad leaved weeds

Top tips for broad-leaved weed control

  • Target weeds when small and actively growing.
  • Zypar® can be used early in winter cereals from 1 February and 1 March for spring-drilled crops, right up to growth stage 45.
  • This contact-acting herbicide gives good control of key problem weeds with robust performance in cold and variable conditions.
  • Controlling yield-sapping weeds while they are small is also a good anti-resistance strategy, but it requires farmers to be ready to go when conditions allow.
  • Zypar has a broad range of tested tank mix compatibility and no following crop restrictions.
  • Zypar, which contains Arylex™ active, provides good control of poppy – including ALS-resistant populations – as well as cleavers, cranesbill, chickweed, mayweed, fat hen, fumitory and charlock, even at low or fluctuating temperatures.
  • Where a mix of broad-leaved weeds and grassweeds need controlling in spring cereals, Pixxaro® EC or Zypar plus Broadway® Star can be tank mixed to also control wild oats.

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