Great year for Solstice wheat in Essex

“We haven’t finished harvest yet but we’re about 75-80% done now,” said Peter Fairs, Great Tey, Essex.

He said oilseed rape had not been very good, borage was just below average and 880ha (2200ac) of winter wheat had been above average.

Solstice had done very well and the other varieties were feed wheat, all averaging 9–9.5t/ha (3.6-3.8t/ac). He said quality of Solstice was very good and the best he had seen for years.

Fifty percent of the wheat had been sold on contract. “We’re hoping for a better price on the rest of it.”

Next year Mr Fairs planned to cut down on Robigus because it did not do so well this year, increase the area of Solstice, and grow some Glasgow.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Solstice and feed varieties including Robigus
• Area: 880ha (2200ac)
• Yield: 9 – 9.5t/ha (3.6-3.8t/ac)

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